Fashion Neoprene Tote

Perfect for horse shows, weekends, or everyday wear! Choose your favorite color combination and you’re ready to go! 

This neoprene bag comes with an additional attached zippered pouch to keep your items secure. 


  • Snaps on inside to give a tucked in look, unsnap for more room
  • 17” Length, 11” Width, and 13” Height
  • Two inside zipper pockets for secure storage
  • Please see below information on Neoprene care:  Neoprene is a sturdy fabric that can stand up to general wear and tear. To prolong your neoprene bag make sure you avoid contact with rough surfaces, sharp objects and grease or oil.
  • Store your neoprene bags flat when not in use. Make sure it’s not pressed against anything pointed or sharp to avoid damaging the bag. If you do get pressure spots, these will usually disappear if you hang your bag or lay it out flat.
  • Creases can be removed by hanging your bag up overnight and gently pulling the fabric back into shape.


  • $60.00
  • $100.00