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  • Equestrian Charcuterie Board
  • Equestrian Charcuterie Board

Equestrian Charcuterie Board

This is the cheese or dessert serving stand for all who love horses and want to show that love when they entertain.

The aluminum alloy stand lifts the cheese (or dessert) above the rest of the table for easy self-service. A realistic depiction of a rein strap circles the wood board and figural D-Ring Bits, stand edge to edge acting as legs for the stand. A 13 inch diameter, chatoyant Acacia board fits well into the ring and removes for easy cleaning.

We suggest you oil the board one time before using your new serving tray using food grade mineral oil. Brush on a thick coat of oil, let it sit overnight and then wipe away thoroughly.

Size: Diameter: 13"
Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap; dry immediately-DO NOT put in dishwasher.
Use Mineral Oil 1x yearly.

Ships in 3-5 days. Allow a week for delivery.